Estate Administration

Estate Administration

Whilst Wasiat-writing may be regarded as a matter of course by some, the choice of an executor is clearly something else that requires careful consideration.

An executor is a person appointed in a Wasiat to carry out the testator's wishes and instructions. However as an individual, the executor may fall sick, pass away or decide not to act. Hence, to ensure continuity of the administration to all heirs/beneficiaries, it is clearly more advantages to appoint an Executor a corporate body instead of an individual.

It is difficult to choose an executor for your Wasiat. The well-being of your family is at stake. The right person will see that your dependents are secure and content. The wrong person can leave them in a tangle of distress.

MAAB registered under the Trust Act 1949, is bound to abide by stringent statutory provisions that have been legislated for the protection of beneficiaries under its wings. It has perpetual succession and need not produce sureties to act as your Executor or Substitute Executor

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